Stucco Services

Stucco is a durable material that can last for decades, but it does require some maintenance and repairs over time. This section will discuss stucco services

Stucco Maintenance

In many cases, stucco can last 50 years or more. Its longevity depends on the amount of moisture in your area, how much the ground shifts over time, and other factors. Of course, the skill and experience of the people who installed it also make a significant difference. Still, it’s bound to need stucco repairs at some point.

Fixing stucco and stucco painting on a house is best left to the professionals, but in some cases, you can use short-term solutions like a rapid-set stucco patch from Home Depot to handle the situation until help arrives. Once a stucco contractor near me reviews your situation, it's very possible that a total stucco replacement is required due to hidden water or foundational damage. A loose stucco can also lead to gaps that enable pests and other critters to enter your home. Another is your stucco chimney. If it’s not properly installed or maintained, it could fall and cause serious damage or injuries.

That is why it is important to have a stucco specialist do the installation. Top stucco contractors such as Patriot Stucco Repair can fix anything as well as install exterior walls with high-quality materials.

Stucco Repair Cracks

Cracks may develop in stucco for several reasons, but the most common are foundation shifting and settling. This often happens in areas with expansive soils that shrink during dry weather and expand during the rainy season. It’s important to repair stucco cracks on a house quickly because they can leave the material underneath vulnerable to the elements and lead to more extensive damage requiring total stucco remediation.

You’ll find several products for stucco repair near me at Home Depot and other home improvement stores. Those kits provide fairly simple do-it-yourself options in times of emergency. Keep in mind, though, that they may only last for a short time and may not be as effective as professional repair methods.

DIY products for stucco crack repair at Home Depot are meant to be short-term solutions at best. If they’re not used correctly, they won’t be effective in preserving your home’s exterior. Be sure to contact your local stucco contractors near me promptly to ensure no unseen damage is present and to provide more in-depth maintenance.

Other Stucco Issues

Some homeowners find that the outer layers of their stucco begin to flake or chip away from the underlying materials over time. This often happens when cracks are left ignored for too long and excessive moisture works its way into the mix. It’s also typically an indicator that more extensive unseen damage may be present

Again, many DIY products are available for those who want to take care of the problem on their own. For deeper holes and cracks in your home’s stucco exterior, you can use a stucco filler from Home Depot. If you choose to use the stucco patch Home Depot offers for covering chips, gaps, and other problems, it’s essential that you follow the directions precisely. Otherwise, it won’t hold up to ongoing exposure to the elements.

While a premixed stucco patch from Home Depot or another hardware store may solve the problem for a short time and help prevent further damage until a professional can intervene, it’s not an all-inclusive solution. It won’t initially match the color of your home, so you’ll have to paint it once it dries. Even then, there’s a chance it won’t blend in with the existing paint and texture of the surrounding stucco material.

While DIY repairs can be a temporary solution, it's important to remember that professional stucco contractors like Patriot Stucco Repair are best equipped to handle complex repairs and ensure a lasting fix. Their expertise can help you avoid further damage and maintain a beautiful stucco exterior for your home.

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